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Doña Perón

Based on the life of Eva Peron Donã Peron explores the life of the illegitimate daughter of a prosperous farmer, rejected by him, who rose through the ranks from dancehall performer to Argentina's First Lady. It brings to light the extremes of power at the forefront of Evita's life and her work as an activist and advocate for Argentina's women and working class seemingly at odds with her opulent, high-class lifestyle.

Ballet Hispanico
Annabelle Lopez Ochoa
Costume Designer:
Marc Eric
Lighting and Set Design:
Chris Ash
Nancy Meckler


Peter Salem's score, performed by just five musicians, propels the narrative while retaining key elements of the Latin sound … .  A production this sharp, transformative and fun renders any words written about it unsatisfactory. To understand it, just go see it. 

Lora Strum 10 Sep 2022 broadwayworld

… . Indeed, the inception from, and increasingly inescapable sound of, the descamisados coming together as a force in the dance’s closing scene is so perfectly modulated in Salem’s score and Ochoa’s choreography that the audience can sense the ground trembling like an approaching political earthquake. 

Jerry Hochman 10 Sep 2022 CriticalDance