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The Crucible

Based on Arthur Miller's allegorical play set in Salem Massachusetts in 1692 this powerful adaptation portrays the disintegration of a society once superstition and the power of organised religion are exploited to settle scores for personal gain and even survival.

Scottish Ballet
Helen Pickett
James Bonas
Emma Kingsbury and David Finn
David Finn


It’s all brilliantly realised by the company, and supported by a shattering score by the aptly named Peter Salem. With great skill he matches sound to action: a great clatter of drums for Proctor’s unleashed passion; a whomp of violins for the wild and whirring Walpurgis night dances in the woods; screeches of strings as people meet their fate.

Sarah Crompton 11 Aug 2019 The Guardian

Peter Salem’s atmospheric score mixes devotional songs with jolting electro crow caws and shrieking strings, while David Finn’s spare set and lighting amplifies the gloom.

Anna Winter 4 Aug 2019 The Guardian

Photos: Jane Hobson